Sunday, 16 August 2009

Abra State Institute of Science and Technology-Main

Abra State Institute of Science and Technology-Main
(formerly Lagangilang Agricultural College)
Type: State College - Main
Address : Lagangilang, Abra 2802
Telephone :
Fax :
E-mail :
Year Established : 1908

Program Offering (s) - Authority
Master of Arts in English
Master of Arts in Filipino
Master of Arts in General Science
Master of Arts in Mathematics
Master of Science in Agricultural Education
Bachelor in Agriculural Technology
Bachelor in Agroforestry Technology
Bachelor in Cooperative Management
Bachelor of Elementary Education
Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness Management
Bachelor of Science in Agriculture
Bachelor of Science in Biology
Bachelor of Science in Forestry
Bachelor of Science in Home Technology
Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
Bachelor of Secondary Education
Diploma in Agricultural Technology
Diploma in Agroforestry Technology
Diploma in Cooperative Management
Diploma in Information Technology
Forest Ranger Certificate
Certificate in Institutional Housekeeping
Data Encoder Certificate
SECONDARY (1st to 4th yr)
PRE-SCHOOL ( Kinder, etc)



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