Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Creation of Cordillera Connection

There are two main reasons why this blog is created - to speed up the gathering of information about Cordillera and its people and to link the various sites and blogs of Igorots/Cordillerans worldwide.

Cordillera Connection As Information Site
Foremost way to find what you are looking for in the web is through the search bar. Enter a keyword, and presto! You will be given hundreds and even thousands of sites to browse. But there are instances that the search bar results are so frustrating. Sometimes, many of the resulting links are irrelevant to the searched keyword. Then there are links that will just give you more links to click. Worst, there are some dangerous sites that can harm your computer specially if you are not running your PC with a powerful anti-virus program. Also, the numerous links looks so daunting that the searcher will just abandon looking at the other, more relevant sites relegated to the center or bottom of the search result.
Cordillera Connection aims to curtail the searching process. It hopes to provide searchers basic details about the Cordillera and the Igorots and gives them more sites to explore.

Cordillera Connection As Link
When the creator of this site was searching for some information to use for his personal blog, he came across with lots of sites about Igorots and the Cordillera as well as blogs of Cordillerans living in the country and abroad. Some sites are linked to others that it makes browsing more easier but it was apparent that there are those who are not aware of the existence of others. There are site duplications (though there are instances this is much welcome) and some are being ignored. It dawned to him that there needs to be more linking to increase the recognition of Igorot blogs and sites.
Cordillera Connection also aims to gather as much websites and blogs about the Cordillera and by the Cordillerans. By linking sites and blogs, it hopes to make it a lot easier for some to find others with similar interests and to check information they want to share in their own work.


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